When I came to

I fell through the bottom of the earth

read the numbers wrong

now i'm praying for a ticket home

crossed the boundary line

to speak my voice out all alone

What's the good of hanging around

when my eyes aren't the only things

watching me?

But I stay here

Holding on to what Little Faith

Empty spaces

That are begging to be filled

I covered up my face

held my hands out with no shame

but the guilt bled through just like this pen

broken in my hand

and if I was ever someone then I know

I'm not meant to understand

What's the good of putting up walls

when all I want to do is knock them down 

and hope for clarity?

but I keep building 

two more to designate

all my friends are gone

and I'm left with what Little Faith

Weld the corners of my eyes wide open and switch me off

I forgot whether I'm going home or not

I'm convinced I'm inanimate

Please take away my feeling


What's the good in it all

as darkness falls and I walk

on the thin air

still breathing

What's left of me?

Little Faith